Alternative design for Bits and Pieces

We created some alternative designs for our existing tools for Consortium meeting in Tallinn. The aim of these is to help keeping the design space open, so that co-design sessions have concrete options and alternatives to build on.

Alternative design for Bits and Pieces

Alternative design for Bits and Pieces

The major changes are: (1) Change the logic of timeline to event line — to not require each day to take equal space in timeline, as most of the days are empty and the activity happens in short bursts of multiple objects. An event line respects the order of documents but doesn’t use space for empty time.

(2) Use colors and solid bubbles to differentiate between collections (concepts in BnP parlance). These replace the black circles in main design branch. Colors make the collections identifiable at glance and raise this area to be the focus.

(3) Move the sidebar options to describe the bits and concepts to large areas below the bubbles. If this activity is deemed to be important for BnP it should make an easily identifiable third step: a) drag items from timeline to concept space, b) sort out the concept space, c) describe or annotata the concepts for further use. Each step has a clear space in the layout.

Sharing-related sidebar options go to the top, familiar solution from Google apps, and chat features are all that remain on the sidebar, also familiar from Google apps.

The pdf below includes several screens, few different styles and annotations on changes and the reasoning behind them.



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