AR for construction

The third student team is working on an AR design solution for enhancing communication on construction site using Augmented Reality features.

Functionality and /or technical level:

AR for construction is a mobile app prototype, designed to be further developed for Android and iOS based mobile smart phones and tablets, and possibly adapted for wearable glasses as well. The app users are construction workers and their foremen. Its main function is to connect the workers to their foremen, enable them to ask help, guidance, receive tasks and send files directly to fellow workers and/or managers.

Screenshot of the prototype:

Worker-profile Task-descrpt

License: Apache license 2.0

Contact persons:

In the project the involved partners are: AALTO from Learning Layers as customer; end-users to whom student team design are learners in vocational construction training and fieldwork. The student team is from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (see course description).

Student team: Korede Bello, Markus Marsman, Niko Puhakka, Simo Virtanen.




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