Attacher: a WordPress plugin that enables to browse, access and cite the resources contained in the Social Semantic Server

Attacher is a WordPress plugin that enables to browse, access and cite the resources contained in the Social Semantic Server (SSS) while writing a blog post. It is thought to be used by practitioners while writing a reflection about the things they learnt related to certain topic. Attacher helps practitioners to access the SSS resources, which may have been published by themselves or shared by their colleagues; further, when the practitioner publishes the blog post Attacher submits it to the SSS.

Attacher includes a simple interface (see the figure) where the SSS collections accessible by the practitioner are listed, as well as a tag cloud with the tags employed to describe the resources that are contained in such collections. Note that these collections may have been published by the practitioner or shared to him by other colleagues. When selecting one of the collections the practitioner obtains the list of resources contained in the selected collection. In addition, the tag cloud will also change and will only contain the tags used to describe the resource listed.

The practitioner may further filter the resources by clicking one of the tags, thus obtaining those that are described with a specific tag and are stored in a specific folder. When the user clicks one resource he accesses to it: if the resource is a URL, the corresponding web page will be opened; if it is a file, it will be downloaded. Resources can also be easily cited in the blog post by dragging and dropping them.

Finally, when the user publishes the blog post the Attacher also submits it to the SSS as a shared resource, including the tags and the rates related to it. Thus, other practitioners can use such blog post as an input resource.


Attacher code can be currently accessed at

A video demo can be found at

Its current version is pre-alpha, although it supports all the functionality described above. In the long term we expect to use Attacher in conjunction with other applications that publish and consume resources in the SSS.


More information

Attacher was developed at Tallinn University. For more information contact Kai Pata ( ) and Adolfo Ruiz Calleja ( )


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