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Brikster – Brick laying app

Brikster is an application for support bricklayers in their training and learning. The team designs and develops a prototype for supporting bricklayers training and skill building. The application includes brick laying tutorial videos, on how to execute the work and a safety game. It is designed to have two language versions: English and German. The project lasts 2013 autumn semester. Functionalities and /or technical level The prototype is developed for tablet device, and will be an Android application. It is touch screen, simple and straightforward to use prototype and will not need a wireless connection after the bricklaying videos and game have been downloaded. Screenshot of the prototype: Brickster - Brick laying app    Screenshot_2013-11-30-14-37-25 Brickster app: Starting screen and Video listing screen Screenshot_2013-11-30-14-37-36 Brickster - Brick laying app Brickster app: Left: Answer to safety information tutorial and right: video playing Demonstration video: About: License: Apache license 2.0 Involved partners: AALTO from Learning Layers as customer; student team from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences designs; end-users learners vocational construction training and fieldwork (see course description). Contact persons: Student team: Katharina Brikmann, Niina Kuvaja, Martina Akrenius, Ram Banstola


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