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Professionals in health and social care are involved in learning every day. Learning in practice (which could include learning based on reflecting on patient cases, from patients themselves, twitter and other social media exchanges, discussions with colleagues, reviewing new guidelines or research, or sharing learning with others) helps to ensure that high quality patient care is maintained and developed. However, learning effectively from practice and then transferring that learning back into practice has many challenges especially given the time pressures on professionals. Can apps and learning technology help?
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Tribal’s Mobile Learning for Professionals

Tribal Tribal is an education support services company that has provided market-leading learning and development solutions for over 20 years. We offer a unique combination of technology, service delivery and advisory solutions. We work with some of the world’s largest organizations across five continents. Our services include producing world-leading software, supporting adult learning and careers development and delivering school  Full Article…


Bits and Pieces – Paper Prototyping

A design idea A tool to support keeping track of, developing and sharing information, learning and ideas arising from work – visualizing your learning process. Video Link:   Paper prototyping – Materials and resources Link: Bits and Pieces


Health Care and Construction Games

Design games Design games are design activities to explore various solutions to complex situations. Design games are relatively laborious to plan and organize, and a session needs to include time to learn the game. A design game resembles a board game with some role-playing aspects, where some aspects of the workplace have been modeled by  Full Article…