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Learning Toolbox (LTB) – the integrative toolset for learning at work

One of the main results of the Learning Layers project is the Learning Toolbox (LTB), an integrative toolset that provides a digital environment to enhance informal learning at the workplace. It has been developed in the context of the construction industry in close cooperation with the construction-training centre Bau-ABC in northern Germany but the Learning Toolbox can be used to support learning in any context – across sectors and across businesses, in small and medium enterprises, large companies and in networks. The LTB is based on two parts - the mobile app and the Tilestore. In the LTB users can create, store and share their own content and access material created by other. The app operates on a system of stacks and tiles. Each tile leads to a learning tool or online resource; a specific collection of tiles is called a stack. Tiles and stacks are created and stored in the Tilestore. The Tilestore is web based and accessed using a computer. You can find the Tilestore following this link: tilestore_screenshot Once a user has created or selected tiles and put them into a stack, the stack can be accessed through the Learning Toolbox app on a mobile phone or tablet. app_screenshot Stacks can be kept private or the user can give permissions to other to use them. This enables individuals to cooperate with each other. A group of users can also message each other, e.g. the creator of a stack can inform all other users via message about changes in the stack. The Learning Toolbox is a free app that can be downloaded for Android or iOS here: We are still developing new functionality, navigation and content but the app is already being piloted with apprentices in the German construction sector.


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Learning Toolbox (LTB)  Learning Toolbox (LTB) - the integrative toolset for learning at work

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