Organising short video clips

Second team of students is designing the front end design for a website where video clips recorded by Ach so! will be organised. This will expand the approach of using and organising the videos that have been previously recorded with the Ach so!  and make them accessible in a variety of ways.

Functionality and /or technical level:

The idea is to allow users to categories, sort, tag and join the videos according to their own tags and visions. The students have reported on sessions with end users, mostly DIY builders, where they worked towards an understanding of the way users categorize their needs and what would be required from SSS for providing suited suggestions for the users.

Screenshot of the prototype:organise-videos

License: Apache license 2.0

Contact persons:

In the project the involved partners are: AALTO from Learning Layers as customer; end-users to whom student team design are learners in vocational construction training and fieldwork. The student team is from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (see course description).

Student team: Lisa Frech, Henri Turtiainen, and Alexandre Neveu Zerbola


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