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How to participate?

In this site there are several ways to participate in designing better ways to learn at work:
  • Comment existing designs and ideas
  • Suggest a new idea
  • Suggest a new design
  • Announce a new course or workshop related to learning at work
  • Improve any of the ideas or designs
All these require you to join the library. It is quick, easy and free. Your first contribution will be reviewed before it becomes visible. This is just a step to filter out bots that automatically create accounts and create spam messages. After being accepted, your further posts and contributions will automatically be visible. The purpose of this site is to together discuss and improve things, designs, software, tools, ways of doing things and habits that are related to learning at work. Our community gardeners may delete any content that is not suitable for the purpose of the site, such as advertisements. You can register to the Open Design Library to post and interact with others. To register, click "Register" under the login box and follow the process explained on screen.



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