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Reflect is an Android App for phones and tablets developed by students from Hochschule Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences) for Pontydysgu as part of the Learning Layers Project.

The original idea came from talking with a doctor in the UK at a Learning layers workshop. He explained how little time he had to reflect on his ongoing learning. The most time he had, he told us, was when he was in his car between meetings and visiting patients.

The Reflect App was originally designed to make the recording of learning, both formal and informal easy.

Users can build a ‘stack’ of questions by typing them into a simple form on the web. Then they can use an Android phone or tablet App which reads them the questions through the device speakers. They answer the questions by speaking into the device. They can skip to the nest question, resubmit their answer or ask for help. The answers are automatically converted to text and can be downloaded to their own computer or tablet.

We have already had feedback suggesting many other uses for the App including recording reports from meetings and training events to share with colleagues.

The app is available in the Google Play Store: Reflect App

Here you can find the homepage Reflect

Reflect is an Open Source App and if you are a developer and interested in working with us on further development of the App contact Graham Attwell


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Pontydysgu is a small research and development company based in Wales. Their work is focused on the use of technology for formal and informal learning in school and in work and for knowledge development and sharing.


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