SOBOLEO – Semantic Social Bookmarking for Social Learning

SOBOLEO is a web-based system to help users share knowledge and experience more easily. Users collaboratively create a topic list and use this to tag people and web resources. This list is used as background knowledge during searches. SOBOLEO consists of 4 main parts:

  • Search: A search engine that searches through tagged resources using the topic list as background knowledge.
  • Browse: An interface to browse through the topic list and the tagged resources.
  • Tag: An interface to add people and webpages to the index. You can use topics from the topic list and add new tags to tag web resources and people.
  • Edit: A collaborative real time editor for the topic list – this means that you can see the changes that other people make to the topic in real time. Please note that this is a topic list collaboratively edited by everyone.

SOBOLEO has been originally developed at FZI, released under GPLv3, and is now further developed by Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences under the coordination of Andreas P. Schmidt (contact:

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