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Alternative design for Bits and Pieces

We created some alternative designs for our existing tools for Consortium meeting in Tallinn. The aim of these is to help keeping the design space open, so that co-design sessions have concrete options and alternatives to build on. The major changes are: (1) Change the logic of timeline to event line — to not require  Full Article…


ODL site redesign

  Suggestion for new design for Open Design Library. You can go test it in (It is temporary site just for testing the design, don’t worry about making a mess). The design tries to give a modern, minimalistic look that emphasizes the user created content and, while doing as few as possible of its  Full Article…

Master Builder – Support folder for construction site

The students design and develop on mobile app for collecting necessary documentation and instructions for a construction site. The current design is a website and mobile application for easy creation and collection of public and business-internal guides. The guides are for construction and related installation tasks.  The project lasts 2013 autumn semester Functionality and /or  Full Article…