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Organising short video clips

Second team of students is designing the front end design for a website where video clips recorded by Ach so! will be organised. This will expand the approach of using and organising the videos that have been previously recorded with the Ach so!  and make them accessible in a variety of ways. Functionality and /or technical level: The idea  Full Article…


Master Builder – Support folder for construction site

The students design and develop on mobile app for collecting necessary documentation and instructions for a construction site. The current design is a website and mobile application for easy creation and collection of public and business-internal guides. The guides are for construction and related installation tasks.  The project lasts 2013 autumn semester Functionality and /or  Full Article…


Brikster – Brick laying app

Brikster is an application for support bricklayers in their training and learning. The team designs and develops a prototype for supporting bricklayers training and skill building. The application includes brick laying tutorial videos, on how to execute the work and a safety game. It is designed to have two language versions: English and German. The project lasts 2013 autumn  Full Article…