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The Learning Tool Box: new prospects for using digital media and smartphones alongside working and learning

The Learning Layers project has brought into picture new ways of using digital media, web tools and smartphones in the context of work and workplace learning. At the BAU-ABC training centre (Construction sector at Germany), the trainers themselves have launched their blogs and brought their apprentices to demo sessions on the Learning Tool Box. The apprentices have greeted this with enthusiasm. They and their companies have now new prospects for using these tools for working and learning – not as distraction and waste of time. From this perspective the trainers are keen to take further steps forward in piloting. The LTB as support for learning and professional growth The trainers saw in the Learning Tool Box (LTB) a great potential for supporting holistic, action-oriented and self-organised learning (in German with one concept: Handlungsorientiertes Lernen). Whilst they are currently delivering their info-sheets and worksheets each time for the respective project, the LTB provides a realm for information and challenges the apprentices to do their own searches and consolidate their own findings. In the same way, as the documentation of work processes and learning results is currently a routine with paper documents, the LTB opens room for creativity. The apprentices can enrich their documents with photos, videos and multimedia (with annotations, cartoons and other possibilities). In this way they can demonstrate also their learning progress and achievements to their peers and friends but also to their companies and to their supervisors. So far, the feedback from apprentices points to this direction if the apprentices can be wider engaged in the piloting. Learning Toolbox Expectations on next 12 months with the LTB The trainers are eager to see a beta-version of a functioning LTB on smartphone and tablet to be used in real life. On their behalf they are prepared to start the piloting with selected projects. They do not expect a fully completed end product but rather a pilot version that can be further developed on the basis of feedback. And for them it is important that the apprentices are engaged as pilot users who can also contribute to the development. This was the key message. More information: Video message produced by the Bau-ABC after using the LTB:  Pontydysgu's blog:   Contact person: Graham Attwell   Videos:


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