Wicam – a smart camera app

Wicam is an Android app designed to explore the interoperability of GoPro camera with mobile devices to enable quick recording, publishing and sharing videos. The application primarily focuses on functionality for recording and sharing videos.  Once the user’s mobile device is connected to the GoPro camera’s WiFi, Wicam automatically connects to the camera when started. In addition to showing a preview of the camera’s view, Wicam then acts as a remote control for the camera. The project lasts 2013 autumn semester

Functionalities and /or technical level

Wicam downloads videos clips from the GoPro camera after a recording is ended, removing minimizing the microinteraction of locating the video in the GoPro camera’s memory card and downloading it to the device. With short videos, this means that the user has the video in their mobile device shortly after it has been recorded. Wicam currently supports English language only.

Screenshot of the prototype:

Wicam app - POV screenshot

 Wicam app – POV image

License: Open creative commons

In the project the involved partners are: AALTO from Learning Layers as customer; end-users to whom student team design are learners in vocational construction training and fieldwork. The student team is from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (see course description).

Student team: Jani Berg, Ville Raitio, Maxence Lemaitre


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